We all have precious foundation. Mine came from here from this lady, great horsewoman. Over the years I have had ahaa's keep coming to understand what she where up to, what she ment. Realizion how valuable are teachings, support, dear to care that she has given me. My guide line has been always feeling how horse felt after she riding it for little while. Softness, readiness, willingness to do anything. Sometimes it just matter of that you are not ready to take all this. Today I am. Thank you Megan believing me in every corner even when I didnt. Hope to get you in Revon Ranch before winter.Here in this link, you can find pictures from very firsts clinics of hers with Vihtori about twenty years ago. http://www.katjavanhatalo.com/kokoaminen1.htm.
Me kaikki olemme jostain lähtöisin, rakennettu jollekkin. Minun vahva pohjani perustukseni ovat lähtöisin tältä ihanan aidolta hevosnaiselta.